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Arnold Food Pantry

Chili, pudding, mustard, pasta, boxed pasta meals, canned soup, jelly, applesauce, Hamburger Helper, sugar, ketchup, flour, fruit cups, salad dressing, toilet paper, and paper towels


Orphan Grain Train

Peanut butter, jelly, canned chicken, canned tuna, cereal, oatmeal, canned vegetables, soup, canned fruit, granola bars, and ramen noodles

Concordia Seminary

Oatmeal, baked beans, coffee, rice, tea, bagged/boxed pasta side dishes, chicken soup, peanut butter, jelly, pasta sauce, disinfectant wipes, tissues, deodorant, toilet paper, paper towels, and body wash

Finding Grace Ministries

Peanut butter, jelly, individually-packaged nonperishable food, paper plates and bowls (no styrofoam), gallon Ziploc bags, Gatorade, bottled water, toiletries, and office items 


Church Council

Dan Darnall, Tim Jenkins, Tom Brickler, Ron Carr, Sharon Marshall, Brooke Reynolds, and Mike Wiesehan

Board of Elders

Justin Holland, Tony Becker, John Boerner, Lance Boerner, Jim Freymark, Matt Kinser, Ken Liescheidt, Jim Mueller, Brian Reynolds, Joe Tagliavia, Joel Rivers, Jim Schmidt, Todd Rehg, Mick Portell, and Blake Warren

School Board

Jill Christ, Patti Hurst, Julie Julian, Robyn Kuhn, Laura Montgomery, Ashley Muehlfarth, Dave Necker, Kelly Ratz, and Charlene Ziegler


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